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by Derek Rayner

For enthusiasts new to the hobby, it may be prudent to list the four well known books published during the 1950s that deal with many aspects of interest and which also have line drawings and photographs of our machines.  Although long out of print they can still be picked up at autojumbles in fair condition for around £5 each, and some are available in the Club library.  However, for those members who also belong to their local public library, there is another way open to them to acquire these books on loan.  A recent visit to the Central Liverpool Library revealed in their main index, the following books under the heading of "Cyclemotors":

Author Catalogue Reference Title
Denton, George Murray T629.2275 DEN Power & Pedal - Cyclemotor & Autocycle Handbook, by G M Denton. Edited by Frank L Farr. 1955
Leigh, Ferrers LT629.2275 LEI The Book of the Cyclemotor - clip-on motors and lightweight autocycles, by Ferrers Leigh. Pitman's Motorcyclists Library. 1954
Motor Cycle, The LT629.2275 MOT Autocycles & Cyclemotors: how to get the best from them, by the staff of the Motor Cycle. 1953. 3rd edition.
Motor Cycling Publications. LT629.2275 MOT The Cyclemotor Manual. Compiled by the staff of Motor Cycling. 2nd edition 1955, also 1st edition 1952.

In addition to these, a Road Research Laboratory publication of 1957 is also available with information about accident statistics and safe riding.

First published - June 1990

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