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by Derek Rayner

There are perhaps few participating cyclemotor enthusiasts in Scotland who regularly attend English events but there is one important collection of machines to note north of the border.  This is on display at the Museum of Transport in Glasgow’s Kelvin Hall.  Run by the Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, the collection has been transferred from the old tram sheds at Coplawhill on the south side of the Clyde to Kelvin Hall, whose role as a major Scottish Exhibition Centre has been superseded by new premises on the site of the Glasgow Garden Festival near thedocks.  An expanded collection, better displayed, is the result of this move to the new venue which is easily reached by Glasgow’s unique 4ft gauge underground railway (better known as the Clockwork Orange) from the City centre.  On display there is a fine collection of trams, buses, locomotives, engines and cars together with many other items in very pleasing settings and in spacious surroundings on the ground floor.

On the mezzanine floor is to be found an extensive collection of pedal cycles, motor cycles and microcars, the ones of particular interest to NACC members being as follows:

Glasgow’s new museum is to be highly recommended for anyone with a transport interest, for in addition to being a well laid exhibition also - perhaps more importantly - it has no admission charges which is always a plus in the opinion of the author (especially since he’s aYorkshireman!).

First published - February 1989

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