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Exeter to Bickleigh

by John Glanvill

Weather good after heavy rain

How do you aquaplane on a cyclemotor or autocycle?  Depends on the depth of the water.  OK here goes, aim for the centre of the road, throttle open, feet up or legs apart and swoosh! 50' × 4" of floodwater negotiated by 6 intrepid members of the Devon NACC on their various machines.  One mile further on flood no2, easy!  Done it all before but this time longer and 7" deep.  Here we go into the water—swoosh!  QX!!?* phutt!  The lady coming the other way in her car, too fast, didn’t slow down.  Mike soaked to skin ‘head to toe’ others very wet.  One motor swamped and back up van required.  The other machines spluttered but kept going.  Every one a little wetter than intended, but still enjoying the ride through the country lanes.  Sun now shining to dry us off.  Past Poltimore, Killerton and Silverton.  A little LPA required on some gradients, all arriving at the old Bickleigh railway station (the one time forgot) axed by Beeching in the sixties, now being restored by Matthew and parents.  Complete with railway coaches and narrow gauge train rides etc.

The NACC members set up a display of their machines and vintage cycles owned by them, along the side of the station to give the visiting public an interesting show.  As it was the Heritage Transport weekend, Matthew thanked us all for the display and looks forward to next year.

After lunch we all took to the saddles of the bicycles and rode around the area to the interest of the observing, some fun was had especially with the oily rims!

Then time to head back to Exeter by another route avoiding the floods, to finish back at Roy and Theresa’s house for tea and goodies and excellent hospitality.  Thus ended a very successful run for the Devon Section NACC.

Grateful thanks to all who helped.

First published - December 1999

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