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Honda P50 notes

by Carl Squirrell

Some members of the club seem to be under the impression that the Honda P50 model has a habit of regularly dropping valves.  Whilst this may have been a problem when Honda first introduced the machine, they addressed the problem with modified parts which were fitted to later P50s and all overhead cam PC50s.

The parts required are the valve spring retainer (part no 14772 044 000 or 14772 044 010) and a tappet cap that fits on top of the valve and positively locates the valve spring retainer preventing possible sideways movement and subsequent releasing of the valve into the combustion chamber.  The number for this part is 14777 044 010 (which is fitted with 14772 044 000) or 14777 044 020 (which fits with 14772 044 010).

All these parts should still be available to order from any good Honda parts supplier.

With care, these parts can be fitted in the bike without removing the cylinder head.  Honda only ever fitted these parts to the exhaust valve but for extra peace of mind they can be fitted to the inlet valve as well.

I hope that this might encourage potential P50 (and overhead cam PC50) owners to get their machines on the road.  A well put together P50 is a good useable machine and quite capable of a fair turn of speed, as I’m sure that anyone who has attended a run where I have used mine will testify; mine is certainly not ‘molly-coddled’ and gets used in anger.

Incidentally, to get the best out of a P50 (or a PC50) the ignition timing has to be absolutely spot-on.  In practice I have found that this is only possible by using a stroboscope timing light; it really does make all the difference; do this and change the oil regularly and you will have a very sweet running machine.

First published - February 2000

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