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Moped Miscellany - No8

1957 Magneet

The Magneet moped was built in the Netherlands and the marque appeared in the UK in 1957.  Its Continental origin is obvious when it is compared with British built offerings on the same period.  With its deep valenced mudguards, pressed-steel frame, front and rear springing, fully enclosed engine and drive chain and Sachs 2-speed power unit it shows a level of sophistication far in advance of the home-grown British moped.  For example: The Raleigh Moped, introduced in 1958, had a strengthened lady's bicycle frame, no springing, a feeble single-speed engine and no clutch.

1957 Magneet moped

Most of the Magneet's features are apparent from the illustration above; details include a speedometer, a tool box in the frame beneath the saddle and an unusual rear braking mechanism.  The brake rod was attached to the rear brake actuating lever through a compression spring.  The idea of this was to make it impossible to lock the rear wheel on a normal road surface.


Engine Sachs two-stroke
Capacity 47cc
Bore & Stroke 38mm×42mm
Lubrication Petroil
Compression ratio 6:1
Front suspension Telescopic fork
Rear suspension Pivoted fork, hydraulically damped
Carburettor Bing
Electrics Bosch flywheel mageto with 17W lighting coils
Gear ratios Low, 24.25:1; High, 15.44:1
Fuel Capacity 11 pints
Tyres 2.25×23
Dry weight 115lb
Fuel consumption 160mpg
Price £80 plus £19 4s. PT
Makers Magneet Rijwielen en Moternfabriek NV, Weesp, The Netherlands
UK Importer Indian Commerce & Industries Ltd, Ludgate Hill, London

First published - July 1997

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