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The Woodbridge Collection of ‘Classic’ Mopeds

by Richard Woodbridge

I have noticed when attending vintage steam rallies that many people have more than one machine in their collection, and so I suggested to Andrew that it would be a good idea to run a series of articles on collections.  I suggested that I wrote the first one so here goes.

It all started in 1964 when I fancied a Raleigh Runabout but could not afford one.  Then the usual things happened, families, etc, and I am sure you know the rest.  I then acquired a Runabout from a kind friend who had lost interest in it (a nice present).  I was hooked!

The collection now consists of the following:

Raleigh Runabout RM8.  1964.
The first one! This is the upmarket one with legshields and front suspension.  It has the original invoice and old logbook.
Raleigh Runabout RM6.
I have two of these, 1966 and 1968, one red and one blue but unfortunately without any history.  The blue one has a rear carrier.
Raleigh Wisp.  1968.
This machine was based on the Moulton bicycle principle of a mobile shopping basket.  I found this one in Mid-Wales where it had languished from 1969 until 1998 in a storage warehouse in a container full of furniture! As you can imagine, it is almost like new.  Does anyone have a rear hold-all for one?
Phillips Panda 1962.
This is a Raleigh RM4 in disguise.  A one owner bike until 1997, it came with lots of history including petrol coupons and sixteen tax discs!
Puch Maxi S, 1972.
Only two owners and not used for ten years, it was running in ten minutes and passed its MoT without any attention at all.  It came with its original handbook and service book.
Batavus Go-Go, 1974.
Not imported in very large quantities, a very well made machine that I bought for £10! Unfortunately, no history at all.
Honda Graduate, 1971.
Found locally it had been in a shed for 14 years but regularly started.  Complete with handbook.
NVT Easy Rider ER2, 1977.
This was a one-owner vehicle complete with leg shields, original invoice, sales literature and owners manual.  A two speed version in black.
BSA Easy Rider, 1980.
The single-speed one, again a one-owner machine in blue and white.  Can anyone please tell me why it has a BSA badge?
Suzuki X1, 1982.
A nice little reliable bike, found locally, and I hope to use it this summer.

All the above are runners, and some are taxed and tested for the road.  I hope the above is of interest and an inspiration for others.

First published - April 2000

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