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Christmas Cracker

If only the machine had been as attractive as the model!  The Ariel 3 pictured in the publicity photograph below was made in the last years of the BSA Group.  Powered by a Dutch 50cc Anker two-stroke engine the Ariel 3 tricycle was launched in 1970, and struggled to find a market; very few being sold.  Such was the optimism at BSA preparations had been made to manufacture 2,000 a week.  It turned out to be a costly mistake, one that they could ill afford to make.

In fact the National Motor Museum had at least 4 examples as runabouts on the complex, though no photographs seem to have survived. Our picture came from the VMCC archives.

Ariel 3 Tricycle

First published in the Christmas 2000 edition of the newsletter of the Friends of the National Motor Museum

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