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Letters to the Editor (June 2001)

Hi Andrew,

I joined NACC late last year.  I was on the verge of buying a Sinclair Zeta motor when I decided to do some fact finding on the Web.  I came across the NACC Website (and the Zeta reports) and about two weeks later took the journey from South Wales to Newark to buy two VéloSoleXes that were also advertised on the web.

One machine was a rare Pli-Solex folder, in good condition apart from 25 years storage in dampish garages.  The Pli-Solex runs well but the lack of undercoat means that the damp has caused the paint to peel on the edges of the frame work.  The white sidewall of the rear tyre has deteriorated although I suspect that it might still pass the MoT - I believe that the tyres for these small wheels are difficult to obtain.

The 3800 is rather crusty, having apparently, been used as a farm machine by a young lad.  Originally destined to be a spares-only machine, it is now dismantled with a repaint underway.

Anyway, I write, really, to say how much I enjoy reading the old Buzzing material, on the Website and to thank you for your efforts.  This is very enjoyable during the frustrating winter months.  One machine on which information seems to be scant is the Kerry Capitano.  I believe that it was one of these machines which I owned during the early seventies.  A super machine, never any trouble and its performance belied its 49cc, in contrast to the awful Raleigh Runabout which I purchased, new, as teenager.

I am hoping that the season will get underway next weekend with the, local to us, Malvern Classic Bike Show although I fear that the foot and mouth epidemic may have cancelled this event.

Allan Perkins

Cher Andrew,

J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la naissance de VSX330.  Ce site Internet entièrement dédié au Vélosolex de type 330 présente l'ensemble de la documentation que j'ai pu réunir sur de modèle malconnu. Les informations et les documents qui y sont présentés sont le fruit d'une recherche que j'ai menée pendant l'été 2000.  Il m'a été possible de créer ce lieu de connaissances grâce à l'aide de passionnés.Vous pourrez juger de son contenu, en vous rendant à cette adresse  Rien n'étant jamais terminé, il me reste beaucoup à faire.  J'espère pouvoir compter sur vous pour compléter l'histoire du 330.

Merci pour la contribution que vous pourrez m'apporter et de vos encouragements éventuels.  Cordialement

A bientôt,
Michel Martinez

First published, June 2001

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