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Letters to the Editor - October 2001

Dear Andrew,

In the February issue of "Buzzing" I read that it is your intention to step down as Editor, writer, layout crew, distributor, Internet site manager, maid-of-all work, etc [have I omitted anything?] at the end of this year.

As someone who has been there, done that, played that game, rode the donkey and bought the video, I am well acquainted with what involves editing, publishing, etc. as regards club activities.  Although six years for the VMBC in its infancy, followed immediately by seven years with our YANKEE Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America, were great learning experiences, each in its turn tended toward becoming a regular job.

You need have no regrets.  Although there are other members who have done and continue to do their share, you have made the greatest contribution to the NACC, and I am sure there was some sacrifice of personal wants and desires on your part.  It is now time for others to step up and continue the pattern you have established.  If that sounds a bit oratorical, nevertheless, it is all true.

I'm sure you have taken enough pats on the back and "Great work, old fellow, keep up the good work" compliments to fill a bushel basket.  If not, it has not been because you didn't deserve it.

I have made new and lasting friendships.  Had it not been for your tip (about six years ago) that Sarah Gamble had started the New Zealand Classic Scooter Club, of which I am now an Associate Member, I would not be in periodic e-mail contact as well as regular snail-mail with her and her husband.  They now have about 30 scooters, and I think no two are alike.  She is no longer involved as editor of the NZCSC's quarterly newsletter/magazine, but I believe she still keeps a finger in the pie.

My VéloSoleX interests brought me Dave Beare and also John Redding, and although I have not heard from him lately, Les Wright of the Yorkshire Section used to telephone me quite often.  He sent me several copies of "The Old Bike Mart", and for a while we had a splash of correspondence.

Please accept my personal thanks for what you have done to make the NACC what it is today, and many thanks for all the help you have extended to me.  I am sure you will enjoy your "retirement".

Best regards, as always,
Fred Hirsch

Dear Andrew,

With reference to the article on the SIM by George Smith: Mr John Louis is certainly still about and is the current manager of Ipswich Speedway-one of the three speedway venues still operating in the East of England.  His son, Chris, is the team captain and maybe he was taught to ride on a SIM.

Yours Faithfully,
Ron Grimmer

Dear Andrew,

May I take this opportunity to thank both Keith Flood and Tony Hammond for organising an excellent run at Wetheringsett on 2nd September?  Many thanks go, also, to their respective wives for their hospitality and for providing a tasty ploughman's lunch for us.

I'm sure that I speak for all the riders when I say that a great day was enjoyed by all.  This was despite yours truly 'four-stroking' around the entire course (for those unfamiliar with the term, an unhealthy activity is NOT being referred to here).  Finally, Andrew, may I thank David Evans and Mark 'Danny' Daniels for attempting to enlighten me regarding the workings of the contraption that you were riding!

Yours sincerely,
Paul Efreme.

Dear Andrew,

I would like to give a big thank you to Tony and Janice Hammond, and also Keith and Rosemary Flood for organising the First Wetheringsett Run.  They also provided all the delicious refreshments, for which donations were invited.  This resulted in a sum of £66, which was passed to me for Parkinson's Disease research and which I have forwarded.

Many thanks to you all.

Michael Flood.

36 The Sigers, Eastcote,
Pinner, HA5 2QH.

Dear Andrew,

Firstly, I would like to compliment you on the quality of the Buzzing magazine-always interesting, diverse and entertaining (crawl, crawl!)  However, I am restoring a 32cc Cyclemaster and I need the help of all them that have done it before me!

1) Is it possible to re-spoke the rear wheel without going to a professional wheel builder?

2) Who in NW London would MoT a 1950s' bike & Cyclemaster and how would it be done?

3) As I am getting into my dotage (63 years old), is it possible to fit some form of sprung front fork to make my (anticipated) journeys more comfortable?

4) Has any Cyclemaster pilot ever converted the throttle control to a twist-grip operation?

Keep up the good work!
Roger Romney Brown

Dear Sir,

The Bike Bug was manufactured and sold by K&S Industries, Box 612, Fort Worth Texas 76101.  I have an original 4/4, 11×17 brochure poster from 1980.  K&S is a division of Walter Kidde and Company Inc of Clifton New Jersey.  It was described as a 31cc, 1.5 horsepower bicycle assist engine with a centrifugal clutch and was rear mounted as shown in several pictures in the sales literature.  The list price was $169.95 plus $10 s&h

I kept it for twenty years dreaming of a sedate tour of the North American continent.  Recently I researched the state of the art, (before finding NACC) and discovered the following.  I live in Vernon, BC and have no connection with any of these companies in case you were wondering.

Now, Dimension Edge out of Billings, Montana offers a rear-mounted motor to go 30mph at 200mpg for $399 versus the Japanese Encore at twice that price.  See:

Dimension Edge, 2625 Overland Ave: Suite C, Billings, MT59102, USA.  1.800.652.8495 within the USA, fax: 1.406.652.6803, 1.406.652.6766 outside USA.

Geoff 'Blinky' White

Dear Andrew,

There may be other members interested in my solution to life without a moped.  I am 80+, medically well past my sell-by date and incapable of starting a moped yet loath to give up two wheels.  I decide to have a trial run on an electric bicycle and decided there and then to buy one: a Powabyke, which to date has carried me over 400 miles.  With a 36V battery, an overnight charge ensures a range of 20 miles cruising at a comfortable 14mph.

There are pluses and minuses when comparing it to the Mobylette Duomatic I cannot now manage (see for sale advert) but it comes near to filling the gap, especially when it is treated as a pedal cycle for taxation and insurance purposes.

Yours sincerely,
Richard Drewery.

First published, October 2001

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