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Mosquitoes in Oz

Wal Jobson

As I write this in the middle of our wet season, the real mosquito is definitely very active which is more than I can say about my Garelli (Italy).  However, my problem is a different one of my own making.

A couple of years ago I ran an ad In the Brisbane Trading Post, "Wanting: Cycle motors".  This led to the purchase of the Mosquito which was already on a small framed cycle, complete and going (paid A$240[£115]) and really performed well.  The previous owner was worried about his 13-year-old son's life expectancy on the busy roads of his area in Brisbane and a quick deal was done.

I changed the motor over to a nice Monark (Dutch I think) cycle in very good condition which suited my 13 stone much better and set off on a couple of short trips and was amazed at how well this tiny looking motor performed.

Now the motor was very greasy and dirty, so I decided a good clean up was in order with kerosene and hose off.  This was a fatal error - though it looked great it would not go.  A spell in a warm oven surely would undo my well-intentioned error but, NO, that bloody motor would not fire despite all my efforts and still sits dead in the frame.

Since then I came across another motor (Garelli/Holland) but this has a cracked head, no fuel tank, and no spark.

As I thought about sending the coil off for a rewind, I was fortunate to locate two complete (Garelli/Italy) motors in Melbourne (another wanted ad).  The owners had bought 2 motors.  One for wife and one for hubby - both bought in England in the '50s and after mounting them on suitable steeds set forth from Paris to Switzerland and back, then bought the lot to Melbourne, Australia - used them for a short time and stored them.

Wife wanted to throw the lot out during a house move but husband insisted on removing them, complete with controls, thank goodness.  One had a stand, swing back (moped style) attached to the motor.

I'm about to have another go using the 2 newer motors this time as I have finished a couple of other projects and will let you know when I am mobile!  Haven't looked for the dreaded fatigue cracks yet so fingers crossed.  Engine numbers and casting as follows

Maker Country of origin Engine No Casting Notes
Garelli Italy 395379 294 Ex Melbourne
Garelli Italy 395303 418 Ex Melbourne
Garelli Holland 12656 5132 Incomplete
Italy 427237 540 Ex Brisbane

I have been surprised at how many cyclemotors actually came to Oz: Berini, Cyclemaster and Ducati Cucciolo seem to be the most popular - also Mini-Motor.

First published, June 1998

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