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Blasts From The Past

Pete Stratford

We all met at the Black Boy, our base, for an evening trip to the Carrington Arms, Ashby Folville, for their once monthly get together of vintage cars and motor cycles.  Those taking part:

What a sight met our eyes as we all came round the corner to the pub: bikes and cars everywhere, of every manufacture, names long forgotten, lovingly restored or as found.  Some of these machines must have been worth a fortune.  It was fascinating as we picked our way through the crowds, to be treated as equals, to be appreciated, as our machines were part of the rich history of the motor cycle industry.

I don't think we will forget the sight of some veteran racing cars that boomed and clattered their way into the car park.  It was like being in a time warp, even if you had managed to capture it on video.  The whole evening, that atmosphere, the smells and the sounds, you just had to be there.

All too suddenly we realised it was getting dark, and had to hurry to get back to the Black Boy.  Jeff's James decided it was going to have a temper tantrum, and had to have a lift back. Rob's Cyclemaster had lighting failure, and had to play pussy in the middle, as it was really dark by now.  Things were getting hectic, and I put the lights on the Excelsior, and I'm sure it went darker.  Still, we managed to feel our way home to base, and congratulated each other on a really good night out.  We must do it again.

First published, October 2002

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