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The Annual Road Run

Having been asked to put pen to paper again to report on the fourth EACC Annual Run, I am now trying to recall what happened...  Yes, it rained, and then for a change it rained some more.  Oh yes, and then there were some breakdowns.  In fact, everything apart from Andrew Roddham's Ariel Three suffered some sort of trouble.  The other Ariel Three suffered a broken drive belt, the clutch lining on the Treasurer's Scamp came away as usual, The Raleigh Wisp had a faulty drive gear, the New Hudson autocycle ran out of petrol... it goes on and on.  But due to EACC ingenuity and British Grit, we all made it to the pub.  We got there just as it closed and ate our meals sitting on tables in the bear garden, sheltering under their brollies!

We made a spirited dash back to the museum in the rain.  Only the Scamp broke down irrevocably and had to be towed.

However, we all had a wonderful time and the following prizes were awarded:
Best cyclemotor - Barry Cranmer (Cyclemaster)
Best autocycle - Andrew Pattle (New Hudson)
Best moped - Jane Pattle (Clark Scamp)
(It must be noted that the editor had the ONLY autocycle in the run.)

Special note should be made of the new members on this ride: Dave Tipping, Barry Cranmer and Sue King from the Northern Section, and John Waite and his wife Raile from Sussex.  It was nice to see them all and I hope they will all be back next year.

By the way, Andrew Roddham wasn't very late and he did fall off his Ariel Three beautifully as he arrived, so I think that made up for it.

"The Fighting Dwarf"

First published, Autumn 1985

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