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Letters to the Editor, December 2002

Dear Paul,

I wonder if I could ask for help as to how to remove a drive roller from a Power Pak Standard model.  The handbook suggests 'a blunt chisel', hardly good engineering practice.  Any advice or experience would be gratefully received; surely this wasn't cycle shop or factory practice.

I need to replace the roller, crankshaft bearings and oil seals, and of course don't want to mutilate the engine.

Kind regards,
Tony Twycross

[Could anyone who has the answer to Tony's problem please write to Buzzing? - Paul]

Dear Paul,

I would just like to say a big "thank you" on behalf of the Parkinsons Disease Society to Tony and Janice Hammond, Keith and Rosemary Flood for organizing the Wetheringset Run which was very successful apart from one whisker on one plug - no names mentioned!

A total of £82.33 has been forwarded to the Society.  (Sorry this letter missed the last Buzzing as I've been cleaning the spark plug.)  We look forward to next year's run.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Flood

Dear Paul,

This illustration is a copy taken out of "Motor Cycling" dated February 1919.

Wall Auto Wheel snowmobile
An Autowheel turned to a novel purpose, this is the idea of a Swiss and attracted much attention.  Steering is by cable.

Interestingly, this particular copy was found under the floorboards of a friend's vinegar factory in Derby.  In the Letters Section, one that caught the eye was from an irate gentleman who advocated the removal of mudguards, stating that it was far cheaper to swill down your oilskins than renew saturated bearings after inclement weather.

Barrie Gobey

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