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Boys And Their Toys

Theresa Best

My hubby has a bike or two, he keeps out in the shed,
If I gave him half a chance, he'd bring them into bed,
"Can I have another shed?" he begs and pleads with me,
   I said "No bloomin' fear",
He looks at me with those puppy dog eyes,
   "There's No More Room In Here!"

Off we go to the boot sale, just for an hour or so,
Looking through the boxes, can't find what he'd like,
   But, over yonder, what does he spy?
Yes, another flippin' bike,
   A smile on his face, a glint in his eye,
I might just have a look at it,
   He Cannot Pass It By!

Well my friends, he bought the bike, we got it in the end,
Tomorrow it'll be in pieces for other bikes to mend,
Off come the handle bars, chain and wheels,
He might finish the bike this week,
   Depends on how he feels,

Inner tubes, tyres, pedals galore,
There's No More Room In Roy's Bike Store!

First published: December 2002

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