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The Shuttleworth Run - 6th April 2003

Jim & Barbara Pallett

With the weather being as nice as it had been up to the day of the run, it looked like we had got it right, but alas it was overcast and absolutely freezing.  There were 35 riders, 17 NACC & 18 VMCC.  It was good to see more new faces as well as the regular riders at a cyclemotor event.  It is also good that vintage and veteran riders join us as most cyclemotor routes are well suited to these machines.  I think most riders had a good run, but like myself returned frozen and looking for some warm refreshment which was available from the café.

The 17 Riders who signed the NACC signing on sheet:

Thank you to all who came as a good number does encourage the organisers of an event to do it again.  Hope to see you all, plus a few more at the 100-Miler in Marsh Gibbon on 5th October 2003.

First published, April 2003

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