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Notts & Derby Spring Run - 13 April

John Hook & Mark Adams

Yet another successful spring meeting and road run completed and once again we were blessed with good weather.  We started the day with our usual autojumble, then we had refreshments in the Carpenters Arms.  At 11:30 am we set off on our road run with most of us getting off to a good start, except Ron and I who took up a very slow rear owing to lack of power on Ron's NSU.

After about 15 miles down some very rough tracks we arrived at the Midland Railway Centre and Museum for a well-earned break.  We spent about 1½ hours enjoying the exhibits and taking a light lunch then we started back with one rider short: Ron's NSU was loaded in the backup vehicle that was generously supplied by Chris Hart at the last minute.  We made our way from the Museum up some quite steep hills to Heage Windmill, which has been renovated and opened to the public (I heard rumours of someone being towed up one of the hills).  Rob's Cyclemaster went extremely well and got up all the hills with some LPA.

After a guided tour of the windmill we made our way back to Dale Abbey and the Carpenters Arms where we continued with the autojumble and then made our separate ways home.  Thanks to everyone who turned up especially those who travelled from afar.

Riders and machines:

First published, April 2003

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