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A Wing and a Prayer - 18 May

David Flye

In hindsight, this run could be retitled "The March of the Mobs".  Due to a vast number of unfortunate circumstances only three riders made it, all riding Mobys, and were equalled by three supporters.  Thanks to Andy, Margaret, and Dave for turning out on such a foul forecast, and medals to Alan and Joyce for riding.  It was a morning of heavy frequent showers, and layers of dung in the lanes of agricultural North Shropshire added an extra dimension to the experience.  Dave travelled as support vehicle, carrying the pump: Andy and Margaret cheered us off.

Starting from Prees Heath, by the Midway Truck Stop (famed for its food and motorbike support), the run went out to Sleap airfield and the Wartime Aircraft Recovery Group: about 22 miles via Myddle.  Heading west towards Whixall, with a short excursion over the Llangollen canal into Wales and south to recross at Platt Lane.  We passed a couple of attractive pubs, but had an appointment with Nicola, the catering manager at the airfield, and so pushed on to arrive at 12:30, damp but triumphant, and ready for a good lunch.

With the weather improving in the afternoon, several planes took off, despite the blustery wind.  The group had a guided tour around the recovery group exhibition, led by Mike Grant, an ex-RAF regular, and specialist in wreck search and recovery.  He brought the whole thing to life for us, and had a rather eerie discussion on nuclear bunkers, etc with Dave, (ex Royal Observer Corps).  Tearing ourselves away, the route back was modified (some of it intentional), and with dry roads and a following wind we arrived back at the cars at 5:30.  A total run of 42 miles.  This run will be repeated next year (it is too good to miss) and we hope to time it with the classic vehicle display at the airfield in May.  Watch this space!

First published, June 2003

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