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We have all been shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Mr Henry Raybould, who along with his son Paul was a Club member and very active supporter of the Shropshire Section.  Henry was run down outside his family business, a car repair garage in the West Midlands, while trying to prevent thieves from stealing a customer's car.  Paul was carried down the road for a distance before being thrown off the car, but was not badly hurt.

Henry was known to us as a quiet, friendly and totally inoffensive person.  He was a very sincere Christian and was one of the nicest and most helpful of all people.  Henry came along on most of our Club runs using his VW people carrier as a back up vehicle and, although a pensioner of some years standing, was about to buy his own moped so that he could ride with us, when his life came to such an abrupt and sudden end.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Paul and his brother Mark and their families.

Jon Chesworth

First published, August 2003

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