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Fellow member and friend John Lloyd died on Wednesday 7th May 2003 after a long battle with prostate cancer; John was always willing to discuss his illness with others in the hope that early diagnosis would save a life.

John was a former Bedfordshire Police Officer and a collegue of my father's, but it was not until the early nineties that we met at my Shuttleworth Runs.  His interest in mopeds started when he brought and restored a friend's Raleigh RM6.  More was to follow when he joined the Raleigh Safety Seven and Early Reliants Owners and Historic Motorcycle Club and later became their moped advisor.  A post he held well into his illness.  When John gave up riding his RM6 he asked if I would buy it and give it a good home; I did, still have it, and on Monday 5th May 2003 at the Rushden Historical Transport Society Cavalcade I rode the RM6 for 15 minutes around the arena.

A fitting tribute to a man whose word was his bond and a privilege to know, our sympathies go to John's wife Wyn and family.

Owen Gough

First published, August 2003

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