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North Wilts Section Autumn Run - 21 September 2003

Geoff Brooks and Richard Woodbridge

Our last run of the year and unfortunately a chilly one as well.  The run started from Geoff's house with another route from Dennis Iles, this time he used a previous run's route with some modifications (the Mk2).  Steve Natt's Puch Maxi 2 speed was off the road with some technical hitch so Geoff came to the rescue with his black Puch Maxi, now fixed after the breakdown back in the Spring.  Dennis set off at a cracking pace as usual with us in the wake of his exhaust smoke and, within 100 yards, Steve had a problem with the Maxi.  Geoff told us to go on so we trundled on for 11 miles and then decided to wait for him and Steve to catch up with us.  After waiting for about 20 minutes we decided to carry on and 200 yards up the road they were waiting for us round the next bend as they had taken a short cut to try and meet up with us and eventually did just that!  Geoff had diagnosed the problem as points, so we now hoped all was well.

Eddie Strong, a new member, was highly delighted about his new find: a late model NSU 2-speed Quickly (1965 but registered 1967).  It was its first run and it was going like a train and, at one point, it reached 35mph!  He really enjoyed himself we are pleased to say.  Apart from the speedo sticking at one point it was fault free.  A lovely original bike.  Back to the run, we all set off together but within a mile we had lost Geoff and Steve again so we decided to carry on to the end and 15 minutes after finishing the two stragglers turned up.  It appeared the points were still giving trouble but all's well that ends well.  We must not forget Dennis, as usual his (by now 57,000 mile) NSU ran like clockwork.  Machines were as follows: Richard Woodbridge - Honda C90, Geoff Brooks - Yamaha SR125, Dennis Iles - NSU Quickly, Steve Natt - Puch Maxi, Eddie Strong - NSU Quickly 2-speed.

First published, December 2003

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