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Granadaland Hangover Run - 28 December 2003

Peter E Moore

The bikes at the Slipway Inn
At the Slipway Inn

Above is a picture showing nine of the eighteen starters, at the Slipway Inn on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in rural West Lancashire.  This was the half way (approx) stop on the 28 mile run.  The two retirees dropped out early: Richard Williams's Mobylette throwing a sulky fit because it thought (correctly) that he had not lavished enough recent TLC upon it, and Paul Adams optimistically started the run on a Winged Wheel that he had bought a week previously, the machine not having run for 41 years.  Perversely, it was the rear brake which seized-on after so long a period of inactivity, but the motor was buzzing healthily.  Three cyclemotors completed the run, a Cyclemaster, a Mini-Motor, and a Winged Wheel.

The machines shown appear to be: Raleigh (RM6?), New Hudson, Cyclemaster, VéloSoleX, Mobylette, Quickly, Puch (a tasty three-speed sports model), a Mobylette and another Mobylette.  Unfortunately, I do not have the list of runners and riders, so cannot tell you whose machines they are!

First published, February 2004

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