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North Wiltshire Section Spring Run - 18 April 2004

Geoff Brooks & Richard Woodbridge

The first run of the year and not just a wet one but a near monsoon day.  We had our usual complement of three and were just about to set off when Bob Goodwin from Reading arrived with his Motobécane Xl folding moped.  Hot on his heels were Andy and Toni Bawdon from Bristol with a Power Pak and a Norman Motobyke.

Off we went in drizzle, which soon became heavy rain, which lasted all through the run and beyond.  Geoff was using his Puch Maxi for the first time since the breakdown last year.  Dennis had been doing some work on it and it has never run so well in its 27 year ownership with Geoff.  Thank you Dennis.

The Xl was quite slow but it was the only thing Bob had that was usable.  He took a short cut back to escape the weather, but many thanks for taking the trouble to turn out Bob.  Unfortunately Andy's Norman broke down but eventually started and he was able to complete the run.  Dennis's NSU and Tom's Power Pak proved spot on and completed the soggy, muddy route with no trouble.  Dennis's workshop has also been repairing Richard's Honda Graduate so he hopes to be able to use it in a run soon.  Also he has bought a running Raleigh Supermatic after a lot of searching, so who knows what will be competing in the future.

Steve Natt was unable to find a bike to ride but followed as breakdown truck with Bob's wife as shotgun!  Many thanks to all for turning out.  Riders were as follows:

First published, June 2004

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