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North Wiltshire Section Run - 9 May 2004

Geoff Brooks & Richard Woodbridge

The second run of the year from the Barge Inn, Honeystreet, near Pewsey - and no rain.  Wonderful!  Only the usual three I am afraid.  Dennis's route was lovely, all through lovely Wiltshire countryside and nearly all flat.  Richard's Honda Graduate had its maiden flight and apart from a minor electrical problem, which Dennis fixed at the roadside, it went perfectly - not bad for a bike not used since 1985!

This run has the unique status that all the bikes have been through Dennis's workshop, and he is now looking at Steve Natt's lovely 2-speed Puch Maxi, which has dodgy crankcase seals.  Is there no end to his talents?  It is a great shame that we have such poor attendances so please support us, as we do have a lovely time.  This time we had lunch in a pub by a river that is frequented by loads of narrow boats.  So come along and join us please.

Riders were as follows:

First published, June 2004

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