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Central Scotland Summer Get Together - 21 August 2004

Alan Nimmo

On what turned out to be a grand summer's day in the middle of the worst August weather in a long time, most of the members of the Central Scotland Section of the NACC met at North Queensferry.  This was on Saturday afternoon at an extra prearranged meeting, with the aim of bringing our cycles together.  This gave us the opportunity to see the machines we had talked about on a number of Wednesday evenings since last winter.

Central Scotland Section meeting
The line up is as follows:
Alan Nimmo, David Slater, John Kane, Alan Luty, David Wyse,
Sun (JK), Cyclemaster (AL), James (DS), Norman Nippy Mk1 (AN).

We are all in a similar position with cycles just (or about to be) made fully roadworthy.  This is mainly due to the added incentive created when Alan Luty started the Central Scotland Section, with meet- ings kindly hosted by John Kane at North Queensferry.

After meeting at David Slater's home, where we saw his superb collection of cycles, we went down to the nearby harbour for a photocall resulting in the photo shown.  I believe it captures us (all with Engineering careers) in an extremely appropriate location demonstrating the wide range of British Engineering represented in our cycles.

After a pleasant afternoon discussing the various tasks still to be completed, we left with a renewed sense of purpose, thinking of engine tuning and making arrangements to get all our cycles together for a run into the Fife countryside.  To end, it's not true you need to be called David, Alan, or John to join, as Alan Luty will be happy to advise.  Tel 01383 824378

First published, October 2004

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