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Vale of Glamorgan - First Run

by Ray Butcher

10th October 2004

Well the day had arrived, our very first run.  I made my way to the start with nervous anticipation - it seems you never know how many will turn up until the day.  The only phone calls I had received the previous week were those telling me of who "couldn't make it".  However, at the start several riders had arrived before me, and twelve signed on before the off.  Thank you lads, that was good enough for me especially when you consider that there were three NACC runs on the same day.  Riders and machines were:

The route covered forty-one miles through the Vale Of Glamorgan with a lunch stop at the Lamb and Flag at Wick and a chance to re-group.  John retired before starting, having noticed a puncture on removing his Moby from the car - Harry retired at Llantwit Major with a cracked exhaust pipe and limped home - Ian had a minor problem at Corntown with a blocked fuel filter but soon got underway again - Glyn had some ignition problems half way round but managed to finish the route - Will had a big problem with the Excelsior in that the carburettor float was damaged, he did the whole route regulating the fuel flow by turning the tap on and off at the tank - a brave ride Will, I think you deserve 'Man of the Match'.  Full marks to Bill who spent the previous two weeks rebuilding the Tina engine especially to take part in the run.

Thank you to David Flye for visiting us from Shropshire, I am sure we will return the gesture some time in the future.  Four days before the event I did not have a machine to ride, my usual mount, the Honda S65, was playing up 'big time' and it was too late to source the parts I needed.  My Mobylette was therefore pressed into service after a ten year retirement, my thanks to Brian at Aplins of Bristol for his help in making it road worthy - it ran really well (thank god you were there Brian).  All in all a great run, a great day and thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to the next.

First published, February 2005

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