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Two Dogs

by Mark Daniels

Once we’d thought of the concept of this epic double-test, everyone agreed that it would make the most incredible feature, and just had to be done.  Two very different machines, linked by a common 4-stroke thread and a theme of their names, that missed each other in the market place by only a few short years.

Two Dogs are: the cursed BSA Beagle, and legendary Dunkley Whippet!

While strictly pedal purists may be frowning at the presence of kick-start machinery in Buzzing, the stories of these two heroic failures certainly make for some fascinating history.

Starting with the oldest ‘tail’ first… Read More.  (This article has been transferred to the Iceni CAM Website.)

Next article: Once again the second hand of the clock begins ticking backward!  Faster and faster, spinning back through the decades.  We wing toward Britain’s industrial heartland for another remarkably rare autocycle, and—The Last Flight of the Eagle!

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