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Radar Run & Mopedjumble, 17 April 2005

Mark Daniels

The event was relocated to Bromeswell Village Hall, which proved difficult to find for some, (Ted Riceman failed to find it at all!) so we'll sort out big markers for next year (eg: "Ted, it's this way!")  The local jumble traders had continued to develop their stands over the seasonal break and produced quite an impressive spread.  With Andrew Pattle away at the committee meeting, Neil Morley manned the club stand with video slideshow, signing for new membership and book sales.  A number of visitors travelled fair distances just to attend the jumble, including Mike Bagshall from Swindon collecting Kerry parts, and a couple from Surrey after Moby bits (call me, I have news about your petrol tap).


The fine weather was a vast improvement on last years 'drowned rats' event, and we all sat out on the terrace at The Ramsholt Arms, enjoying lunch and ales in the sunshine to restful views of boats off the Ramsholt Quay; while above, a Boeing Steerman biplane performed stunts along the River Stour for our entertainment.  Excellent ride, then back for more jumbling, and thanks to Dawn & Sonia for the catering.

The new Bromeswell Village Hall venue is a much more suitable location than Hasketon was, and the cosy Mopedjumble supports the event well.  In good weather like this, the Radar Run course is superb, taking in the stunning coast at Shingle Street with the ruins of The Lifeboat Inn blown up by Barnes-Wallis; I don't imagine the residents appreciate him for wrecking the only pub in the village!  The desolate ruins of WWII installations at East Lane, along the route - six Martello Towers!  Lunch at the scenic Ramsholt Quay, then on to panoramic views of the Stour estuary at Bawdsey Ferry.  The Radar Run really has all the ingredients to build into a very popular annual event!

First published, August 2005

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