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1st Coastal Crab Run, Norfolk, 15 May 2005

Mark Daniels

Of the twelve riders attending this first event, all were much amused to observe that eleven came from Suffolk and one from Derbyshire - none from Norfolk, for a home match!

In the absence of anyone familiar with the directions, and the notorious regional reputation for a dire signage, everyone found the official course impossible to follow, and several small groups of riders all made their way to the lunch stop by various improvised routes.  It was a nice day for a pleasant enough ride along the coast, but one felt it could have been a bit like if the Dutch fleet had chosen instead to land further up the Anglian coast in July of 1667.  Any invasion force landing in Norfolk probably wouldn't have been able to find anyone - so given up, and just gone back home again!

Lost riders on the Coastal Crab Run
Two of the Coastal Crab riders begin to suspect
that they've taken a wrong turning.
Photo: Mick Cook


First published, August 2005
Text © 2005, M Daniels; previously unpublished photograph © 2009, M Cook

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