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Paul Adams Cycle Museum Run

by Peter Moore

A bit late with this report (the event took place on 18th September 2005), but a big vote of thanks to Paul for organising this enjoyable, fascinating, and (as it turned out) select event.  For those who did not take part, this was the best run you never went on!

Four Granadaland riders and machines took part, and there were four more non-riders, amongst whom some trading took place, a very nice Winged Wheel changing hands whilst I was dithering.  Still, safe in the knowledge that it has found a good home, I can now kick myself, but at least I don't have to explain to Lynne what this new project is blocking the way through the garage to the freezer!

Paul had laid on complimentary coffee, fruit, biscuits and chocolate, and in part due to the small number of mouths to feed, there was plenty both before and after the run.  He had laid out an 18 mile run through the mainly minor roads of Cheshire surrounding Walton Hall in the grounds of which the museum is situated.  (With the museum, Hall, formal gardens, and the Bridgewater Canal running through the grounds, there is plenty to interest those members of the family who might unaccountably be less besotted by ancient two-wheelers.)  The route was marked with shiny green markers and Paul had provided a detailed route sheet, so we had no excuse for getting lost.  However, as usual some of our band knew better than the organiser, and we had a small false start at the first junction, and we all peeled off like the Red Arrows in different directions toward the finish as we thought we knew our way home without consulting the directions!  Incidentally the run took us through the village of Moore, which I henceforth claim as my Baronial Seat.

The four machines which took part were fresh from their Birch Dodging Isle of Man Exploit, some fresher than others, the New Hudsons of Andy Speak and Derek Ashworth having received full Trinny and Suzannah makeovers since that event, unlike their riders, as the picture shows!  Alan Eden's 2F cruised round the IoM and hardly broke sweat in Cheshire, whilst the gutless Trojan gleamed and got on with the job.

Since Andy and Derek were running-in their machines, this was quite a companionable run, without the traditional Granadaland race - we can do sober and refined sometimes.  Okay, scrap that last bit!

In front of Paul Adams's Cycle Museum

In the background of the picture are a couple of the museum exhibits, a Winged Wheel and a Berini.  There was so much more that memory does not allow a list, but I do remember a tandem with sidecar, a triplet, a wooden wheeled racer, and a telescoping Chinese chopper built on box girder principles, perhaps the designer also did bridges?  Amongst the period fittings and accessories was a very neat front wheel suspension kit consisting of two rubber-in-torsion units which fitted in the fork lugs and had the effect of pushing the front spindle forwards a little.  It wasn't until later that I realised that this would be of use only with a drum braked wheel - perhaps that was why they never caught on?

Finally, we were allowed access to the Pigeon Lofts where Paul has a further collection of bits and pieces, complete bikes and who knows what else.  Paul's only stipulation beforehand was that Derek remove any item of clothing with pockets!

The weather was surprisingly kind after rain in the morning, and we enjoyed an interesting and relaxing day.  We may have to speak nicely to Paul to get him to host another run, but it would be worth it - his effort is appreciated.

First published, February 2006

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