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The EACC and NACC symbols

When the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club was formed in 1981, Andrew Roddham came up with the idea of a logo (except we probably called it a symbol in those days) inspired by the design of the Cyclemaster magneto cover.

Cyclemaster magneto cover
Cyclemaster magneto cover

It was all hand-drawn in those days and mostly reproduced by photo-copying.  If the original artwork survives, it's probably in Andrew's loft somewhere.  The example below is taken from a sticker.

EACC sticker
Original EACC symbol (© 1982, A D Roddham)

That's how it stayed until 1986, when the club changed its name to the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club.  The only change that was really needed was to change the initial E to an N.  However, desk-top computers becoming available then, so Andrew Pattle took the opportunity to neaten the symbol up a bit.  The first attempts were done in simple 'paint' applications and. to be honest, were't all that good.  Some of them can be seen on the covers of 1986 editions of Buzzing.

Access to an early version of AutoCAD made a big difference.

1987 NACC logo
Early NACC logo (© 1987, A D Roddham & A Pattle)

The final version appeared in 1988.  This usually appeared as a 'hatched' symbol or as an outline because of the limitations of the CAD package in handling solid fills.

Outline NACC logo
Outline NACC logo (© 1988, A D Roddham & A Pattle)

Hatched NACC logo
Hatched NACC logo (© 1988, A D Roddham & A Pattle)

A bit of bodgery solved the solid fill problem, and produced the familiar logo used by the club until it split in 2007.

Solid NACC logo
Solid NACC logo (© 1988, A D Roddham & A Pattle)

And now the story turns full circle.  Following the break-upof the NACC in 2007, the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club was revived and the EACC also revived Andrew Roddham's original logo.

EACC logo
Current EACC logo (© 1982, A D Roddham)

EACC roundel
Current EACC roundel (© 1982, A D Roddham)

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