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Dave Berry

On 21st November Dave Berry died after a road accident on his ride to work. Dave was a good friend of many in the Suffolk Section and a well known and liked figure in the Classic Motor Cycling scene.  He will be remembered by many in the NACC as one of the group of club members who, on several occasions, rode their mopeds all the way across France to the rally in Sars Poteries.  It is an incident at one of these French runs that will remain as my own lasting memory of Dave.  His Kerry Capitano had seized on the run itself and he had to get it working so he could ride it home.  He was sitting on a step outside the Salle des fêtes in Sars Poteries and a semicircle of small children had spontaneously gathered around him.  They sat there, spellbound, for about half an hour, while he removed the remains of a broken ring from the Capitano's piston and very carefully chipped out the carbon from the remaining good ring.  It was a magical moment and will always be a treasured memory.


Portrait of Dave Berry by Nick Ward
Dave Berry (Picture by Nick Ward)

December 2006

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