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Alex Roddham, 1928 - 2011

Alex was a member of the EACC right from the start, thirty years ago - in fact, apart from our four founder members, he was the second person to join the club.  When we revived the club in 2007, Alex again gave the club his support.

It was thanks to Alex that the original EACC got off to a flying start.  With a new club, you need some money to get it up and running enough to attract members but, until you attract members, there are no subscriptions coming in.  Alex solved that problem for the EACC by putting up the money to get things started.

The Mince Pie Run (or Boxing Day Run as it was known then) also benefited from Alex's support - it started and finished at his house.

A practical man who could turn his hand to almost anything, Alex's interests covered not only cyclemotors, but most things mechanical and electronic - until recently he was leading a project to restore an Ipswich trolleybus.

Alex died on 19 January, following a stroke.  Our condolences go to all his family.

March 2011

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