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IGM & DGM Numbers

When looking for the frame and engine numbers on an Italian motor cycle, you’re likely to come across numbers of the form DGMnnnnOM or IGMnnnnOM.  These are not the numbers you’re looking for.

So what are IGM & DGM Numbers?

The IGM number or DGM number of a vehicle is its Italiam homologation number, issued by the Italian Government to all Italian vehicles from August 1959 onwards.  Every vehicle of a particular model will carry the same number, for example: a Ducati Sport 48 will be IGM 2372/OM.  The numbers do not uniquely indentify an individual vehicle, which is why it’s important not to mistake them for the real frame or engine number.

DGM means Direzione Generale Motorizzazione; IGM means Ispettorato Generale Motorizzazione.  The number that follows is a progressive homologation number, and OM is for omologazione, homologation.  IGM numbers were introduced in August 1959; homologation was required before this but there was no serial numbering system.  In 1967 the name was changed from Ispettorato to Direzione, hence the numbers change from IGM to DGM in that year.

There are also local homologations; the numbers for these end with OL: omologazione locale.

Here’s a list of the numbers we know:

Make Model Homologation
Lambretta Li 125 (Series 2 & 3) IGM 0902/OM
Lambretta Li 150 (Series 2 & 3) IGM 0903/OM
Lambretta TV 175 (Series 2) IGM 0904/OM
Ducati 98TS IGM 0955/OM
Ducati 85T IGM 1001/OM
Ducati 85 Sport IGM 1002/OM
Ducati 100 Sport IGM 1003/OM
Ducati 125 Sport/1 IGM 1004/OM
Ducati 125TS IGM 1005/OM
Ducati 175/4T IGM 1006/OM
Ducati 200 Elite IGM 1007/OM
Agrati Capri 80 IGM 1015/OM 7 Jul 1960
Morini Corsaro IGM 1068/OM 20 Jul 1960
Ducati 125A IGM 1097/OM 1960
DEMM Velodick 2T IGM 1118/OM 28 Jul 1960
Piaggio Vespa 125 Mod VNB IGM 1134/OM 30 Jul 1960
Garelli M IGM 1152/OM
Benelli IGM 1156/OM 1959
Moto Guzzi Stornello Turismo 125 IGM 1173/OM
Moto Guzzi Galleto IGM 1174/OM 6 Aug 1960
Motom 48SS IGM 1178/OM
Laverda Miniscooter 50 IGM 1273/OM 1960
Itom Astor IGM 1276/OM
Gilera G98 IGM 1288/OM 1960
Gilera 124 IGM 1289/OM 1960
Gilera B300 Extra NS IGM 1291/OM 1960
Gilera G150 Sport IGM 1292/OM 1960
Gilera G150 Rossa Super IGM 1293/OM 1960
Gilera G175 IGM 1294/OM 1960
Gilera G175 Rossa Extra IGM 1295/OM 1960
Piaggio Vespa 150 VBB IGM 1380/OM 6 Oct 1960
Bianchi Beta 60/2T Rondine IGM 1413/OM 1960
Bianchi Beta 80/2T Lince IGM 1414/OM 1960
Bianchi Beta 125/4T Astro IGM 1415/OM 1960
Bianchi Beta 125/2T Urano IGM 1416/OM 1961
Bianchi Beta 175/4T Mercurio IGM 1417/OM 1960
Bianchi Falco 50/2E IGM 1484/OM
Torpado 48 IGM 1578/OM
Motom Motocarro IGM 1619/OM
Gilera G98 Sei Giorni IGM 1780/OM 1961
Ducati DM 200M IGM 1833/OM
Itom Confort IGM 1852/OM 1961
Gilera Giubileo 175 IGM 1918/OM 1961
Gitan GT-H Libeccio 125 2T IGM 1980/OM 1960
Gitan GT-L Solano 125 4T IGM 1981/OM 1960
Gitan GT-I Scirocco 125 2T IGM 1982/OM 1960
Ducati DM 200 IGM 1983/OM
Ducati DM 250 IGM 1985/OM
Bianchi Falco Sport IGM 2290/OM
Ducati Brisk 48/1 IGM 2325/OM
Rizzato Atala 112 Sport IGM 2327/OM 1962
Agrati Como (Series 2?) IGM 2351/OM
Motom 48SS Junior IGM 2355/OM 1962
Motom 48SS Junior IGM 2359/OM 1962
Motom Donna IGM 2366/OM 1962
Ducati Sport 48 IGM 2372/OM 1962
Gilera Giubileo 150 Sport IGM 2510/OM 1962
Lambretta TV 175 (Series 3) IGM 2515/OM Mar 1962
Benelli/Motobi 49 Export IGM 2532/OM 1962
Benelli/Motobi IGM 2534/OM 1962
Ducati DM 80 IGM 2569/OM 1962
Ducati DM 48F3R IGM 2586/OM 1962
Ducati DM 48F3RL IGM 2588/OM 1962
Bianchi Mobylette IGM 2608/OM 1962
Gilera Giubileo 150 Sport Extra IGM 2618/OM 1962
Gilera G50 scooter IGM 2656/OM 1962
Peripoli Giulietta Scooter SC62 IGM 2686/OM 1962
Testi IGM 2697/OM 1962
Gilera G50T IGM 2720/OM 11 July 1962
Rizzato Atala Sport SE IGM 2782/OM 1962
Peripoli GSS IGM 2799/OM 1962
Garelli Rekord IGM 2809/OM 1962
Laverda Miniscooter 60 IGM 2829/OM 1962
Benelli Gentleman IGM 2894/OM 1962
Benelli Sprint IGM 2896/OM 1962
Gilera G80 IGM 3090/OM 1963
Ducati Brisk 50/1 IGM 3110/OM 1963
Ducati DM 80S IGM 3246/OM 1963
Gilera 175 Super Moto IGM 3269/OM 1963
Piaggio V5A1T IGM 3308/OM 10 Sep 1963
Lambretta Li 150 Special IGM 3316/OM 1963
Morini Corsarino Z IGM 3426/OM 1963
Moto Guzzi Dingo IGM 3439/OM 13 Jan 1964
Ducati DM 48BR Brio IGM 3464/OM 1964
Morini Corsaro IGM 3562/OM 1964
Franco Morini F5 48cc engine IGM 3639/OM 1964
Ducati DM 90M IGM 3799/OM 1964
Giulietta America Cross 3V IGM 3805/OM 1964
Beta Camoscio Turismo IGM 3812/OM 1964
Beta Camoscio Sport IGM 3815/OM 1964
Minarelli Single-speed engine IGM 3822/OM 1964
Franco Morini Malaguti engine IGM 3919/OM
Cimatti IGM 3922/OM
Cimatti Sport S3/M IGM 3965/OM
Moto Guzzi Dingotre (3-wheeler) IGM 3974/OM 20 Mar 1965
Moto Guzzi 100BR IGM 3997/OM 1965
Ducati 50SL IGM 3985/OM 1965
Beta Cicogna IGM 3995/OM 1965
Cimatti S4B IGM 4140/OM 1965
Lambretta Li 125 Special IGM 4190/OM Oct 1965
Lambretta SX 200 IGM 4355/OM Jan 1966
Garelli Gulp IGM 4452/OM 1966
Malaguti Scooter 50 IGM 4559/OM 1966
Moto Guzzi Dingo Cross IGM 4628/OM 14 Apr 1966
Moto Guzzi Dingo Super Sport IGM 4630/OM 14 Apr 1966
Agrati Capri IGM 4636/OM
Moto Guzzi Trotter IGM 4638/OM 18 Apr 1966
Piaggio Ape 500 IGM 4644/OM 2 May 1966
Rizzato Pierino IGM 4758/OM 1966
Lambretta SX 150 IGM 4770/OM Oct 1966
Ducati DM 100C IGM 4854/OM
Ducati DM 100M Scrambler IGM 4856/OM
Morini Corsarino ZT IGM 4980/OM
Ducati DM 125 Cadet 4 IGM 5077/OM
Motom Daina IGM 5127/OM 1967
Piaggio Ciao C7E DGM 5321/OM 7 Sep 1967
Piaggio Ciao C9V DGM 5322/OM 7 Sep 1967
Lambretta Lui 50 DGM 5629/OM Mar 1968
Franco Morini MO Gyromat engine DGM 5821/OM 1968
Benelli America DGM 5951/OM 1968
Motograziella Cheeky Boy DGM 6014/OM 1968
Lambretta Vega, Cometa DGM 6210/OM Mar 1968
Minarelli P4 A engine DGM 6384/OM
Malaguti Sportivo (GAM16) DGM 6355/OM
Lambretta GP 150 DGM 6437/OM Jan 1969
Lambretta GP 125 DGM 6439/OM Jan 1969
Lambretta GP 200 DGM 6441/OM Jan 1969
Piaggio Ape 500 MP DGM 6479/OM 2 Jan 1969
Moto Guzzi Dingo DGM 6722/OM 1969
Minarelli V1 engine DGM 6755/OM 1969
Gilera G124 5V DGM 6768/OM 1969
Rizzato DGM 6859/OM
Cimatti Chic DGM 6883/OM
Demm Dick-Matic 2T DGM 6958/OM
Ducati DM 450/S DGM 7026/OM
Ducati DM 350/S DGM 7736/OM
Ducati DM 250/S DGM 7935/OM
Chiorda Commandos GT DGM 7369/OM
Ducati DM 350/S DGM 7736/OM
Cimatti S5 DGM 7767/OM
Fantic TX7 DGM 7813/OM
Piaggio Boxer 2 DGM 7881/OM
Ducati DM 250/S DGM 7935/OM
Garelli 50 Turismo engine DGM 8118/OM 16 Jun 1970
Garelli Junior Turismo DGM 8119/OM 16 Jun 1970
Fantic TX9 DGM 8126/OM 1970
Garelli 50 Cross engine DGM 8139/OM 1970
Garelli Junior Tiger Cross DGM 8142/OM 1970
Morini Corsarino ZS DGM 8236/OM
Morini Corsarino ZZ DGM 8238/OM
Minarelli P6 engine DGM 8474/OM 1970
MV Agusta 350B DGM 8475/OM 1970
Ducati DM 450 Mark 3 DGM 8586/OM 1970
Garelli Gulp Flex (201) DGM 8655/OM 1970
Garelli Flex engine DGM 8661/OM 1970
Garelli Gulp 3M DGM 8662/OM 2 Dec 1970
Garelli 3-speed engine DGM 8663/OM 2 Dec 1970
Franco Morini FM 4MP/T engine DGM 8713/OM
Betamotor Beta 4M2 engine DGM 8930/OM 1971
Gilera 50 5V Trial DGM 8999/OM 29 Mar 1971
Itom Automatic Lusso DGM 9019/OM 1971
Malaguti Cavalcone DGM 9184/OM 1971?
Laverda 750SFC DGM 9217/OM May 1971
Peugeot 104V DGM 9348/OM 1971
Fantic TX9.5 DGM 9553/OM 1971
Beta Camoscio DGM 9585/OM 1971
Ducati DM 125-S DGM 9593/OM
Franco Morini TS/R engine DGM 9676/OM
Motobécane Super Moby 50V DGM 9822/OM
Gilera 50 4V Super (012) DGM 9879/OM
Fantic TX120 Turismo Internationale DGM 9922/OM
Cimatti Chic DGM 10010/OM 1972
Gilera Trial 7HP DGM 10022/OM 1972
Garelli Horizontal kick-start engine DGM 10045/OM 1972
Garelli Horizontal engine DGM 10046/OM 1 Mar 1972
Piaggio Vespa Rally 200 Mod VSE DGM 10118/OM 4 Apr 1972
Fantic TX130 Chopper DGM 10162/OM 1972
Gilera 150 5V Arcore DGM 10185/OM 4 May 1972
Malaguti Cavalcone GAM30 DGM 10331/OM 1972
Ducati DM 350-D DGM 10336/OM 1972
Fantic TX96 Caballero DGM 10368/OM 1972
Cimatti Sagittario S6 DGM 10727/OM 1972
Testi PU DGM 10739/OM 1972
Rizzato Califfone DGM 10786/OM 1972
Garelli Katia DGM 10789/OM 13 Sep 1972
Piaggio V5B3T DGM 10932/OM 20 Oct 1972
Laverda SF1 DGM 11068/OM Nov 1972
Piaggio Bravo DGM 11076/OM
Fantic Caballero TX94 DGM 11206/OM Jan 1973
Fantic TX131 Chopper DGM 11320/OM 1973
Itom Primavera DGM 11384/OM 1973
Franco Morini FM4M-R engine DGM 11517/OM
Franco Morini FM4M engine DGM 11518/OM
Franco Morini FM MO1K engine DGM 11710/OM 8 Jun 1973
Ducati 900 SS DGM 11871/OM
Garelli KL100 Tiger Cross DGM 12114/OM
Malaguti Cavalcone GAM35 DGM 12125/OM 1973
Negrini T4 DGM 12131/OM 27 Aug 1973
Gilera 50 Competizione DGM 12142/OM 1973
Moto Guzzi AB DGM 12255/OM 15 Sep 1973
Minarelli P3AK S engine DGM 12470/OM 1973
Gilera 50 Enduro DGM 12471/OM 1973
Rizzato Atala Daytona DGM 12900/OM 1973
Beta Cross T50 DGM 13039/OM 6 Apr 1974
Legnano T 101 DGM 13043/OM 8 Apr 1974
Moto Guzzi Dingo 3M DGM 13331/OM 1974
Ducati 900 Sport DGM 13715/OM 1975
Fantic TX170 DGM 13880/OM 1975
Gilera 50 5V RS DGM 14207/OM 1975
Malaguti GAM 43 DGM 14719/OM 1975
Cagiva 125 SST DGM 14754/OM 1975
Fantic TX160 DGM 14787/OM 1975
Fantic TX190 DGM 14885/OM 8 July 1975
Fantic TX200 Gran Turismo DGM 15072/OM 9 September 1975
Cimatti Kaiman Cross 6M DGM 15162/OM
Cimatti Mini-Chic 16193 ?
Testi Carabo DGM 16216/OM
Betamotor Beta M4 DGM 16420/OM 21 Feb 1977
Gilera 50CBA DGM 16488/OM 1977
Ducati DM 125-SD DGM 16830/OM
Fantic TX250 DGM 16992/OM
Fantic Issimo 287 DGM 17781/OM
Cimatti Kaiman X21 DGM 18240/OM 1978
Negrini Tipo 3 DGM 18364/OM 2 Oct 1978
Malaguti GAM 55*1* DGM 18738/OM 14 Oct 1978
Fantic 330 Trial 50 DGM 19132/OM
Ducati 900 Sport DGM 19139/OM 1979
Fantic TX350 Trial 200 DGM 19461/OM 1979
Peugeot 103V DGM 19515/OM 1979
Di Blasi R7 DGM 19518/OM 15 Jun 1979
Garelli Noi L DGM 19739/OM 7 Sep 1979
Betamotor Beta M5 DGM 19770/OM 22 Dec 1979
Garelli Katia DGM 19789/OM
Piaggio Ciao C7E2T DGM 19800/OM
Testi Champion DGM 36408/OM
Garelli GT50 DGM 46449/OM 1980?
Ducati 900 MHR DGM 50235/OM 1980
Garelli VIP 3N DGM 50355/OM 1981
Garelli DGM 50356/OM 1981
Rizzato Califfone Piu DGM 50489/OM 1981
Piaggio Vespa PK50 Tipo V5X1T DGM 50807/OM 25 Jun 1982
Moto Guzzi VR 850 T5 DGM 51141/OM 1983
Ducati 900 MHR DGM 51147/OM 1983
Ducati 900 SS DGM 51148/OM 1983
Fantic Issimo DGM 51325/OM 19 Nov 1983
Ducati 1000 MHR DGM 51429/OM 1985
Malaguti Mex DGM 51615/OM
Peripoli TIR Trasporto DGM 51639/OM
Bernardi Buzz DGM 51801/OM
Yamaha XT600Z 1VJ Ténéré DGM 51955/OM 1986
Fantic Koala DGM 52327/OM 1986
Garelli Team Bimatic DGM 52334B/OM
Montesa Honda SH50E DGM 52340/OM 25 Jun 1987
Fantic FM364 Clubman DGM 52345/OM
Malaguti ZJM 27/D DGM 52627/OM 23 Dec 1988
Malaguti ZJM 26 DGM 52628/OM 23 Dec 1988
Peripoli G28 Oxford DGM 52699/OM 28 Feb 1989
Piaggio V5X5T DGM 52722/OM 10 Mar 1989
Piaggio PK125 Plurmatic VMX7T DGM 52960/OM 1990
Peugeot F0520 DGM 53225/OM 6 Feb 1992