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Jim Lee

Jim Lee, 1939–2021

Jim Lee died in December 2021 at the age of 82.  Jim had a lifelong career in motor cycles and his interest in these began with an autocycle; that was his dad’s Rudge, which he gave to Jim if he could get it going.  In 1958 he became a test rider at Triumph’s Meriden factory; in those days every Triumpk had a five-mile test before it left the factory.  After he was made redundant in 1973, Jim set up his own business and this saw him becoming involved with Puch mopeds.  The success of of these, particularly the Maxi, led to the growth of his business until he was running three retail outlets.  Even after he ‘retired’ from this business, he was still involved with Puch machines, supplying spares and second-hand bikes to Maxi enthusiasts.

Jim was a long term member of the EACC and the VMCC, an expert on Ariel as well as Puch, and the author of several books about the motor cycle industry.


February 2022

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