Andrew and Jane Pattle

Welcome to the home page of Andrew and Jane Pattle.  We maintain several sets of Web pages so this is just the boring bit to join them all up.

Andrew is a founder member of the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club, is editor & webmaster at Iceni CAM Magazine, Keeper of Cycles at Ipswich Transport Museum, and Tyres & Tubes Marque Enthusiast of the Veteran-Cycle Club
Jane is an admirer of the countertenor voice, particularly that of James Bowman
is part of the organising team of Skulduggery in Stowmarket;
and we are both founder members of the Dagworth & District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society.

We have twin sons: Christopher and Graham.  You can see some of what Chris does on GitHub—and he’s responsible for the Simpsons in CSS.

If you’re wondering about the identity of the Great Master, Duo Terimati, and the Basho Street Kids … no one here is going to admit to anything.

Last Modified 18 November 2018