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Dagworth and District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society

Affiliated to the League of Anglian Wheelers
HQ: Rattlesden Five Bells (TL 977590)

Latest News

2018 dates

February 2018 will be unusual in having no full moon, while both January and March have two.  The nearest Thursdays to the fuill moon are differently, though no more evenly, distributed among the calendar months.  The dates of our meetings work out at: 4 January, 1 February, 1 March, 29 March, 3 May, 31 May, 28 June, 26 July, 23 August, 27 September, 25 October, 22 November, and 20 December.  The meeting on 1 March will be our AGM.

Flat Section

The V-CC Flat Section has A PLAN: the last-Monday-of-the-month meetings will all be at The Victoria in Earl Soham.  So far, so good…  There will also be an impromptu mid-month meeting at a different pub, and section members will take it in turns to decide which pub.


We have sorted out where we’re going for all our monthly meetings this year calendar.  At March’s monthly meeting, we noticed that the date of the July monthly meeting is the same day as the start of Stowmarket Beer Festival.  Howsumdiver, that’s three days before the full moon, making the next Thursday four days after the full moon … near enough.

It’s all in the calendar.

Also in the calendar are Tricycle Association East Region social events … but not racing events (see for that sort of thing).


John Purser is our new Vice-President … so I think that Graham Waspe has gone through all his time in the post without ever realising he was Vice-President.  The AGM also re-affirmed our intention of blowing all the Society’s funds on a trip to the National Cycle Museum but, with a general reluctance to organise the trip, don't expect this to happen soon.  We also confirmed the venue for April’s meeting.  We put off deciding on the rest of the summer meetings for a week, though we did agree that we needn't go to The Victoria in June because The Flat Section will be going there lots of times.

Aims of the Society

The pursuance of cycling in the leisurely fashion of days gone by.  The appreciation and conservation of the countryside and its way of life.  The enjoyment of local public hostelries and their ales.

1936 cycling photograph


The D&DGCS is a sort of ‘shareware’ cycling society.  Try before you buy.  Anyone is welcome to take part in our events; come along and see if you enjoy it.


Vice-President   John Purser
Foreman   David Whatling
Recorder   Jonathan Walker

Last Modified, 26 September 2017