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Dagworth and District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society

Affiliated to the League of Anglian Wheelers
HQ: Rattlesden Five Bells (TL 977590)
Dagworth Only signpost arm

Catalogue of Calamity

Our AGM didn’t go very well at all…
To start with, the Secretary lost the attendance book somewhere on the road between Stowmarket and Rattlesden.  Meanwhile, the Treasurer broke his chain on the way and returned home. In the absence of the Treasurer, the meeting was adjourned for 24 hours (though it turned out that the Treasurer made it to the Five Bells about 20 minutes after the meeting had ended).  So, 24 hours later, the meeting resumed at Stowmarket Royal William and with a new attendance book.  The one out-of-the-ordinary thing to be considered was the updated constitution … but the Secretary had brough along copies of the old constitution instead of the new one, so that’ll have to wait until the next AGM.  However, against all odds, we did elect a Vice-President.

1939 cycling picture


There have been one or two beer festivals to go to already this year—although January’s Colchester Winter Beer Festival was cancelled.  We went to Ely Winter Beer Festival on 11th February, but Norwich Trafford Arms Beer Festival on 18th February was somewhat storm-tossed.  Nevertheless, a few of us made it there—but found it a lot harder to get home!

Stowmarket Beer Festival will run from 30th June to 3rd July and, if we follow our usual plan, we’ll be there at opening time on the first day.

2022 Meetings

For the first time (we think) since we introduced our ‘nearest Thursday to the full moon’ meeting plan, we have one—and only one—meeting each month during 2022.  The dates are in the calendar.

1939 cycling picture

Flat Meetings

The V-CC Flat Section monthly meeting schedule seems to be settling down again, alternating between Cretingham Bell and Rushall Half Moon.  It’s best to get yourself on ’s e-mail list if you want to go to the right pub.

1939 cycling picture


Over the past few weeks we’ve been digging out old photographs of our events and, should you have nothing better to do, you can see them in our photo gallery.

Aims of the Society

The pursuance of cycling in the leisurely fashion of days gone by.  The appreciation and conservation of the countryside and its way of life.  The enjoyment of local public hostelries and their ales.

1939 cycling picture


President   Keith Farrow
Vice-President   Richard Frost
Foreman   David Whatling
Recorder   Jonathan Walker

Last Modified, 19 June 2022