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Thursday 18th

Monthly meeting at Naughton Wheelhouse round about 8:30pm.

Sunday 21st

TA East 50 ‘B50/17 Wortwell 0700’ (which, presumably, means something to somebody).  The important bit is: lunch afterwards at Homersfield Black Swan (IP20 0ET).

Sunday 28th

Spoke And Steam: the usual format for this very popular ride to the Mid-Suffolk Light Railway Museum at Brockford Station … steam trains and a beer festival in an ancient carriage on site.

Monday 29th

V-CC Flat Section: A cheery threesome in Bungay.  Meet at The Cross Ways Inn (Scole) at 7.00pm for the 20 mile sprint to Broome Artichoke for 8.00pm, and thenceforth to the Geldeston Locks Inn and nearby Wherry Inn.  Bring swimming trunks.



Saturday 3rd

TA East Regional AGM.  Meet 10:15am for coffee at Maglia Rosso café & bikeshop, just south of Hawstead, near Bury St Edmunds (IP29 5NR, Grid ref TL862582).  Regional AGM 12.15pm at Tostock Gardner’s (IP30 9BA, Grid Ref TL955636).  Lunches available afterwards.

Thursday 15th

Monthly meeting at Thurston Fox & Hounds from half past 8.

Sunday 25th

V-CC The Essex–Suffolk Borders Ride.  Meet at Hollytree House, Dedham and be ready to depart at 11:30am.  There will be jumble before the ride.

Monday 26th

V-CC Flat Section: Sweet William Rides Again: In 1087 William 2nd was crowned King of England and reigned until 11:00 so to celebrate we visit Suffolk’s second finest inn: The Rumburgh Buck.  Meet at Crossways Inn (Scole) at 7.00pm for the 20-mile dash to the pub or go straight to the pub (IP19 0NT) for 8.30pm.



Saturday 8th October

Whittlesey Cycle Jumble at St Andrews Hall from 1pm to 4pm.  As usual, we’ll go to Whittlesea by train, leaving Stowmarket a bit after 10am and picking Bill up at Bury St Edmunds.

Thursday 13th

Monthly meeting at Battisford Punch Bowl from 8:30pm or something like that.

Saturday 15th October

TA East In Constable Country.  Meet 10.30am for coffee at the National Trust Tea Room, Flatford, CO7 6UL, near Manningtree.  Lunch at the Hare & Hounds, Heath Road, East Bergholt, CO7 6RL.

Sunday 23rd October

V-CC Flat Section Inaugural Waste Land Trudge: a new fixture for the Autumn, a celebration of the first publication of The Waste Land by T S Eliot.  A late afternoon cycle jumble followed by an easy group ride out on pre-1922 machines only[*] to the Sweffling White Horse: a suitably attired period pub selling light meals, wood-fired pies and fabulous beers with many a traditional pub game to play.  Then comes a lamp-lit return home, by candle, oil or acetylene.  Optional electric battery lighting tolerated. This is the last weekend of ‘Summer Time’; all grows dim the following week in readiness for April ‘the cruelest month’.  Gather at Marlinspike at 4:00pm, the ride leaves at 6:00pm and returns whenever you’ve had enough.

[*] Replicas accepted; non eligible machines by prior arrangement only, please.

Monday 31st

Half Crown Ride The V-CC Flat Section takes a celebratory jaunt to the Pulham Market Crown—a newly re-opened pub—to celebrate this day in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, spelling the end to all Catholic Rule forever (except Tony Blair).  Meet at Crossways Inn (Scole) at 7.00pm for the 10-mile ride to the pub or go straight to the pub (IP21 4TA) for 8.00pm.



Thursday 17th

Super Moonthly meeting at Rattlesden Five Bells from 8:30pm or thereabouts.

Monday 28th

Albanian Independence Ride: to celebrate Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire on this day in 1912, the V-CC Flat Section meets at Crossways Inn (Scole) at 7:00pm for a 15-mile dash to the Ivy House in Stradbroke—or go straight to the pub (IP21 5JN) for 8:00pm.  All Albanian bicycles encouraged, bring souvenirs of the old days.



Thursday 15th

Monthly meeting at Rattlesden Five Bells from 8:30pm or a bit later.

Monday 26th

The Great Escape Boxing Combination Ride.  The V-CC Flat Section will meet at Madgett’s Cycle Shop in Diss (IP22 4EH) at 10:30am for a ride out to a pub that is open on Boxing Day (choice of three!) after which will be the regular December Flat Section ride to another open pub that very evening.

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