MRSA 100 Club

The 100 Club exists to provide funds to enable the MRSA to maintain the signal boxes at the Midland Railway Centre.

In each year there are 12 monthly draws (drawn at the Midland Railway Centre on the first Saturday in the month) and 1 annual draw (drawn at the MRSA Christmas dinner). Each monthly draw gives 3 prizes of £25, £10 and £5. The annual draw gives one prize of £100. If you wish to join the 100 club complete the form below and return it with your cheque (made payable to 'MRT Signalbox Appeal Fund') for £11 to:

Mr Ken Marsland
15 Giltbrook Crescent
NG16 2GH

The MRSA is an integral part of the Midland Railway Trust Limited which is a company registered in England No 1097382 and as a charitable trust No 502278. The MRSA runs the Signal Box Appeal Fund which is recognised by the Inland Revenue as having been established for charitable purposes only.

100 Club Membership Application Form

I wish to join the MRSA 100 Club to help maintain the signal boxes at the Midland Railway Centre.

I enclose my cheque for £11 which will give me entry to 12 monthly and 1 annual draw starting with the first monthly draw after receipt of my cheque.

Name __________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
Postcode_______________________Telephone Number__________________________

For Office Use Only

Date Received___________________________Number Allocated______________

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