Midland Railway Signalman's Association

The members of the MRSA are trying to preserve the concept of semaphore signalling. The boxes in use on the railway are past their 'sell by date' and funds are needed to pay for the urgent maintenance work required to be carried out on the boxes.

The signalmen have organised various fund raising activities and they actually pay to work in the boxes. There is a Signal Box Appeal in existance. Two of the fund raising activities that are currently running are a 100 Club and a Covenant Scheme

For a monthly contribution of £1, the 100 Club pays out prizes of £25, £10 and £5 each month and £100 at Christmas. The Covenant Scheme involves paying £5 per month to the MRSA who, providing you are a basic rate taxpayer, can reclaim the tax. If you would like to contribute to either of these activities please complete the relevant form and send it to the address shown.

The MRSA is an integral part of the Midland Railway Trust Limited which is a company registered in England No 1097382 and as a charitable trust No 502278. The MRSA runs the Signal Box Appeal Fund which is recognised by the Inland Revenue as having been established for charitable purposes only.

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