Derbyshire Tourist Nine Ladies Walk

This is a circular walk of 2-3 miles. It should take around 1 - 1.5 hours but that depends on how fast you walk. If you walk faster than 2 miles per hour you might as well go to the gym and use a walking machine. The idea is to see things!

This walk is suitable for all - being relatively short and may be easily done in stout shoes or trainers when conditions are dry. (advice for walkers)

The village of Birchover can be reached from the B5056. This B road joins the A6 between Bakewell and Rowsley with the A5012 at Grangemill. Street parking in Birchover is the order of the day. Try to park neatly and not directly in front of someone's house when other spaces are available.

The village has two main streets which intersect at a corner. On this corner sits the Druids PH. The walk starts directly opposite this pub. Climb a steep path along a ridge though trees to reach a old quarry car park in 5 minutes. Cross the car park and turn left up the road. When you arrive at some large square blocks of stone on your right, duck under the trees to find a path leading through woodlands to a style. There are often cars parked here for people wanting to walk on the moor. You could have parked here but then you would not know where the pub is and you would have had less exercise.

Climb the style and come to a large standing stone which the more adventurous amongst you may climb - there being iron hoops for the purpose. (Climb at your own risk!) You are now on Stanton Moor.

From the stone bear left (or right).

Left hand bears: Take the path bearing left at the Cork Stone. This is a little less worn than the one to the right. Climb to the Trig point and enjoy the 360 degree panorama. Carry on from the trig point (in a straight line) across the heather on a single file sheep track. This intersects the main path near a fallen round enclosure, which may or may not be ancient.

Right hand bears: Take the right hand well worn path to come to an intersection of paths. Turn left on a main track across the moor. Left hand bears join you near a fallen circular enclosure.

The main track now passes into some trees and on the left you come across Nine Ladies Stone Circle. Stone Henge it is not!

Some way off the King Stone stands on its own. I have studied this circle and I think there were originally 11 stones in the circle and that it was more of a square shape than round. See what you think. Be carefull of the stones - English Heritage think they might be Hazardous! (see notice).

Walking away from the circle, back to the track, cross the track and take short path through the wood / scrub land to the edge of the moor. Climb a style and turn right. From now on, until you reach the road, keep this fence on your right. Climb to a stone tower.

Do not cross the fence but continue on the moor edge. Explore the views from the rocks you pass on your left. As the fence goes round the moor edge the path drops down a steep gully (picture) to a road.

Turn right onto the minor road and take the footpath on the left in 100 yards or so. Walk down the lefthand edge of the camping field and all the way round the back of the farm to emerge on its entrance track. This looks like a good camp site.

Down the track to the road, turn left and into Birchover. A drink at the Red Lion or the Druids?


Sketch Map: