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Walking Routes:

Dove Dale

Classic Derbyshire Dales walk. Very busy on high days and holidays. I do this one only out of season.

Lathkill Dale

Lesser known than Dove Dale, but similar in concept

Nine Ladies

Popular short stroll near to Matlock


Cycling Routes

Any bicycle is suitable athough some sections are too rough for racers.

Always wear a cycle helmet when you ride.

High Peak Trail

This is an out and back route of 23 or 30 miles.

Tissington Trail

Under construction - but you don't need my instructions to pick up the trail at Tissington. Cycling south is slightly down hill so allow twice the time to return.

Manifold Valley

This is a easy route, out and back about 14 miles. Instructions start from Waterhouses on the Leak - Ashbourne road.


Link for circular (anti-clockwise) Tissington and High Peak Rides


This is a road route from Ashbourne to Hopton Incline

Link for circular (clockwise) Tissington and Manifold Rides

South Link / North Link

This is a road route from Ashbourne to Waterhouses and Hulme End to Hartington Signal Box


Motorcycling Routes

Matlock Bath is the centre for motorcycling in Derbyshire so these routes start from there. You can follow these routes in a car (if you have to), but I'd advise you to avoid Matlock itself on a Sunday or Bank Holiday, unless you like sitting in traffic jams of course.

Northern Tour and Snake Pass

A tour which takes in Castleton and Edale, Ladybower and Snake Pass - a real mix of roads.

Western Tour and Staffordshire Moorlands

About 50 miles taking in long fast but quiet roads, complex twisties and some minor roads.



Derbyshire Long Case Clocks:

These superb long case clocks are made in the traditional Derbyshire style by local craftsman Brian Long.

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