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South Africa
Our First Country
What Did We Get Up To?
Did We Enjoy It?

Did We Enjoy It?

You bet ya! South Africa is a beautiful country full of very friendly people. It's got fantastic scenery, a huge variety of quality surf spots and (for the British!) cheap prices. We didn't see any sharks, and made loads of good friends.


There can be problems in the streets at night if you aren't careful. We only took taxis to go into Cape Town at night, and we didn't walk around with any expensive cameras or video equipment etc. Cape Town is relatively safe compared to Johannesburg, but even so, be aware of your surroundings. Try and walk about in at least pairs.

If you are worried about your safety, book a few nights in a hostel in advance like we did. Cloudbreak Backpackers was always locked at night, and the hostel staff will be able to tell you which areas to avoid. Don't be put off by the stories about crime in South Africa. We probably met about 50 people in South Africa, and only one person we spoke to had had anything stolen, and that was because he was walking around the streets on his own after dark with an expensive camera and nice rucksack.

We'd had a great time in South Africa, and probably the best Christmas Day that any of us has ever had. We'll all be going back on our next trip. Our next destination was Australia...

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