The Chisholm Chief Line from the earliest recorded Chisholm and his father-in-law.  Based on Wilfrid Medlam and Jean Munro's researches.  Now re-designed to make it easier to navigate around plus a useful option to down-load the Gedcom file of the line.

Chisholms in the IGI as extracted by Fay and Michael Chisholm.

General Chisholm Genealogical Sources as used by Wilfrid Medlam in his standard Chisholm Family Trees.

Wilfrid Medlam's Trees:   new.gif (898 bytes)                    ( How to download these files)
    The Border Chisholmes
    India & Burma
    Chisholms of Thornhill, Perth
    The Bell, Williams & Chisholm Families
    Miscellaneous Chisholm Families
    Chisholms of Glassburn
    Chisholms of xxx