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Cm2000These pages are designed to help NUFC fans to master the CM 2000 game. There is a new message board on which you can leave your hints and tips, Each thread has been set up to have tips on the particular subject. If you want to start your own thread that's fine.

Championship Manager season 1999/2000 is the best of the Footy manager games unfortunately It's a very tricky game, I am far from an expert, indeed I'm pretty crap. That's one of the reasons that I started this page, in the hope that other players will give me some good tips.

Soon I will have links to upgrades and editors on this page, but unlike it's predesessor CM2000 seems fairly bug free

NOW Click on the Box to enter the message board and tell me how to win something, I feel more and more frustrated every day.

CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 3. If you are still using CM3 then this info may be of use to you. There are a number of things that you can download to make it a bit easier, here are some that I've used. Click on the files beneath to start the downloads or on the box to visit. the original CM3 crashed all of the time, so to start with you MUST download an upgrade. They install themselves.

The latest upgrade (end June 99) fixes most problems, look in the top left corner when playing the game to see what version you are running.

CM303F_U.EXE This download is 2.7mb and you should only download this if you are running v3.03b, v3.03c,v3.03d or v3.03e. SAVE GAMES ARE COMPATIBLE

Championship Manager3


The Ultimate Pre game Editor, This is by far the best editor available. You can view hidden attributes and change all the attributes of players and teams. AS I NEVER cheat, I recommend that you just use this to noble MAN U PLAYERS. It's great to see them relegated

.I have a couple of saved game editors, they are a bit harder to use, than the pre game editor, But if you must cheat then Use one of these virus checked editors.


 FULL INSTALLATION of upgrade : This download is 6.6mb and you should only download this if you still are using v 3.02. SAVE GAMES ARE COMPATIBLE (so it overwrites your excisting games)

Old CM3 Hints and tips MESSAGE Board

Old CM3 Users chat page.

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