It's best if we all know where they are.

Sad Makem B@st@rds would like share with you the following links to Sunderland AFC internet web sites.

These are genuine Sunderland sites, please take the usual precautions before entering these hell holes. Some of them can be fairly nasty places. Indeed the message boards of these places are frequentrd by typical maKems who are not the nicest people in England, Indeed they are Sad and maKkems, not sure on how many are illegitimate, but they sure are a fowl mouthed bunch so be prepared.
The Official Web Site [top]

The Official Sunderland AFC Web Site



Unofficial Web Sites & Personal Home Pages

Ready To Go allededly the most popular of the Makem sites, fowlest message board of the lot.
It's The Hope I Can't Stand (on-line fanzine)

Planet Sunderland

SAFC World

The Wearside Roar

The Sunderland Website of Light

Stadium Way

A Love Supreme (on-line fanzine)

Mackem On-Line

The Sunderland Saga

SAFC pa Svenska

Estadio de Luz

We Are Sunderland

Niall Quinn's Disco Pants...

Website of a Hampshire Mackem

Mackem Dynamite



Mailing List Web Sites & Newsgroups [top]

NewsGroup : Alt (requires newsgroup software etc.)

Newsgroup : Web (access to the above via web browser)

Matthew Hill's Sunderland AFC Mailing List
email :

General Footballing Web Sites [top]

The Nationwide Football League

Sunderland On-Line

Prediction League

Soccernet at The Daily Mail

Yahoo! Football

Sky Sports

Sunderland AFC : Teamtalk


The Sporting Life

British Football Message Board Finder

Football Unites - Racism Divides

British Football Statistics

Sunderland AFC Sponsors Web Sites [top]

The Sunderland Echo

Vaux Breweries (main sponsors) (well they used to be, Shame about the jobs going, but lets face it we'll be better off without the P** water that they used to make)

Asics (kit manufacturers)

Other Sunderland AFC Related Web Sites [top]

Upfront On-line - Football Site for Women : Sunderland