Welcome to the new SMB, The tongue in cheek look at Newcastle's poorer cousins "doon the road". This site is just a bit of fun and is in no way malicious unlike the Sunderland FTM lot who are pure evil. Most maKems though are really nice human beings (allegedly ). So why do I call this site the Sad maKem B@st@rd?

Answer is They are. Sad, they are maKems and nowadays many of them are indeed illegitimate.

SAD ... Firstly tier current tight fisted manager decides to sell their best player on a whim simply because he chose to briefly wear a SMB t-shirt and was daft enough to let himself have a photo taken with it on. (or was it because Mr racist Reid dosen't like geordies)

Then Mr (you really do look like a monkey ) Reid chooses to sell his next best player Mickey Bridges (also a Geordie) rather than give them a pay rise that they deserve.

No problem in selling good players if you make the effort to bring in better replacements (Kenny Dalglish take note) , but if all you can get is a thirty seven year old Ex England international and a similarly elderly German defender then it is little wonder that the Sunderland fans are SAD. He didn't last long that Jorman did he? After a lucky start to the season, the Makems are now starting to slide down the slippery slope of the premier league, and although they unfortunately won't be relegated this season, the future for them looks bleak. A return to the league in which they belong is surely just a matter of time.

maKems ... At one time the Sunderland fans would curse you if you called them a MaKem, Now they have adopted the word as a description of themselves . They indeed now call themselves Mackems to distinguish themselves from the Geordies to which they are often referred to by the Southerners. What I have found though that it irritates them if you spell it wrong, hence the maKem (pronounced with an emphasis on the K)

B@st@rds...... OK, so It's a bit derogatory calling them B@st@rds, but nowadays how many children are born out of wedlock? 30%-50%(E mail me if you know a percentage in the UK?) ." Sad Makem people" or "sad makem citizens" just dosen't have the same ring about it. Hence I use the words from the Geordie version of the Peter Reid song.

" SAD MaKem B@st@rds"

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The small print that only solicitors read.© The Sad MaKem (without a C) B@st@rd, Disclaimer, most things that you see or read on this web site is a lie, including this disclaimer. The purpose of this web site is to bring together the people of the North East, to promote, peace, harmony and greater understanding of each others communities. We love the maKems and they love us. Please excuse my terrible spelling, I had to leave school at the age of 12 to work down the pit, and never got a decent education. If you wish to contact me then E mail riks@globalnet.co.uk , if you find anything offensive then E mail Hadawayandshite@my.solicitors.co.uk. and now the CREDITS

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