Makem weep is a series of daft little stories sent in by fans of different clubs. They are realy only to be read by genuine fans of that club as . Thick Geordies wouldn't understand them.

I have 5 sub pages, this is why it is taking a while to load.

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Like I say, You probaly wont understand them unless you are from the club in question .so don't go pressing buttons from teams that you don't support or you will be just waising your time. instead scroll down and have a go at the Story maker.

So , just how do you make a Sad maKem B@stard story up? We have designed a story program that is so simple even a maKem can use it. All you do is fill in the blanks and press a button.

Male Name (eg Alex):

Verb .. to ? (eg run)

Part of clothing 1 (eg T-shirt):

Part of clothing 2: (not another T- shirt)

Part of clothing 3: (you could try underwear)

Part of clothing 4: (hey it's your story)

A Number:

Location (eg cinema):

Well known person:

A good football team:

food (type of meat / Vegetable):

favorite curry

favorite drink

Animal (eg Cow, Elephant):


The small print that only solicitors read.© The Sad MaKem (without a C) B@st@rd, Disclaimer, most things that you see or read on this web site is a lie, including this disclaimer. The purpose of this web site is to bring together the people of the North East, to promote, peace, harmony and greater understanding of each others communities. Please excuse my terrible spelling, I had to leave school at the age of 12 to work down the pit, and never got a decent education. If you wish to contact me then E mail , if you find anything offensive then E mail and now the CREDITS

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