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 Sung by *** Peter Reid Monkey Heed ***

"The House of the sinking SUNderland""


Peter reid monkey heed

I was born in a house in Liverpool,

Indeed it was a slum,

It was close to a pub in toxteth ,

Called the Rising Sun


 My Mother,,, she was a tailor.....ess

She Sowed My New Blue jeans,

My Father was a gambling man,

Way down in New Orleans.

Peter Reids Dad?

Peter Reid

I went to school in Liverpool,

I made the football team,

When I left I played for Everton

And made the INGERLUND team


Soon I was a manager,

But I ruined a damn good team,

 They kicked me out of City one day,

For being so useless and mean.

Peter Reid

Peter Reids Grandparents

My Grandma and my Grandad,

They said I was a bum,

They told me to go to Sunderland ,

It's where my kind belong.


Now Mothers Tell Your Children

Not to do what I have done,

Don't spend your life In sin and misery,

Don't become a Maaaaaa ckum


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