SME at Betterbooks Basement (London), March 23 1967. L to R: Paul Rutherford (trombone), Derek Bailey (amplified electric guitar), Chris Cambridge (double bass), John Stevens (drums & cymbals), Trevor Watts (oboe), Evan Parker (tenor saxophone). Photo © Jak Kilby (reproduced from Withdrawal - Emanem 4020; Barry Guy is the bassist on the recordings featured on this CD).

SME at Olympic Sound Studios, 18 February 1968. L to R: Dave Holland (bass), John Stevens (drums), Evan Parker (soprano saxophone), Kenny Wheeler (trumpet & flugelhorn), Derek Bailey (electric guitar). Photo © John Kilby (reproduced from Karyobin - Chronoscope CPE2001-2)

SME at the Third Annual London Musicians' Collective Festival, Conway Hall, London, 28 May 1994. L to R: John Butcher (tenor & soprano saxophones), John Stevens (drum kit & pocket trumpet), Roger Smith (spanish guitar). Photo © ZV Vasovic (reproduced from A New Distance - Acta 8)

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