Aaron: Neil Blackstone


Aaron first appeared around episode 15/16 of the 1993 series. He was living with his grandmother as part of the travelling community that had settled in the grounds of Byker Grove. After the other travellers were evicted, Aaron stayed secretly, caring for his sick grandmother. He was subsequently discovered and sent to Lou Gallagher's foster home where he befriended Patsy, whilst his grandmother was hospitalised.

Aaron was unaccustomed to the ways of the world outside that of the travelling community and had numerous teething problems settling into life at the foster home. One problem occurred when Aaron went to the hospital to take his grandmother home, but she'd already discharged herself. Aaron went in search of her, but when she was eventually found he was told her condition was serious and she went to spend her last days at the foster home with her grandson.

By the time the 1994 series began, Aaron had suitable impressed Patsy in the ideals of the travelling community and they embarked on several crusades for animal rights, including releasing Ed snake and hamster at the Grove, throwing manure at the organiser's van at the Fun Fest and interrupting the fashion show where Charlie was modelling.

After that Aaron excluded himself from the animal rights campaign as he suspected that Kit (another traveller) was exploiting Patsy's youthful impressionism and taking advantage over her.

Aaron assumed a minor role in the remaining episodes of the 1994 series becoming involved with the Grove Patrol vigilante group started by Gary after he was beaten up by the Runt. (Terry)

Aaron left Byker Grove in the 1995 series.